About Us

Small Business Feedback is a platform that gives small business owners and key decision makers the opportunity to provide feedback to many of Australia's leading organisations regarding the products and services that they offer to the business community.

As a member of this dedicated panel of business decision makers, we will send you surveys which cover a wide variety of topics including technology, utilities, banking and economic and social issues facing small business in Australia – issues that affect you each and every day. This variety keeps it interesting for you and also broadens the scope of your influence as your feedback will help organisations shape their future customer, product, service offerings and policy decisions.

In return for your time and effort Small Business Feedback will reward you with $AU for each and every survey you complete.

Small Business Feedback is owned and managed by The Online Research Unit (The ORU). The ORU is one of Australia’s leading research organisations, owned and based in Australia.

Small Business Feedbackoperates and abides by the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) Code of Professional Behaviour. Your opinions, thoughts and feedback are strictly protected by our membership of AMSRO (Association of Market and Social Research Organisations) and AMSRS. We take your privacy very seriously – click here to view our privacy policy.

We are Quality Management System compliant through ISO 20252 and ISO 26362, accredited by independent auditors.